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Our history and expertise in India's fruits and vegetables business are unparalleled. Staying true to our foundations, we continue to uphold the same commitment to quality, service, and values that got us here. These days, Salva Global Exim brings in fruit and vegetables from all around the globe, choosing only the best varieties grown in their native environments. We're able to serve the whole country because to our well-established distribution network, which is staffed by hardworking experts and backed by solid logistical infrastructure. We have the capacity to provide the fruits for millions of fruit bowls throughout the nation.

  • To lead the Indian fruit and vegetable trade market as the industry leader in quality and service..
  • Our mission is to gain the confidence of our customers and the support of our employees.
  • we also work for the benefit of hard-working farmers by facilitating the distribution of their crops throughout the length and breadth of India
  • We are thriving to provide daily, consistent, and fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries to wholesalers.
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We're not your typical fruit and vegetable importers. We are well-versed in locating the finest fresh fruit and vegetables from all around the globe and delivering them all throughout India. Our superior distribution system, refined over a century in the fruit and vegetable industry, effectively transports our fruits all over the world, maintaining their enticingly deep freshness. When you shop with us, you may get fresh fruits and veggies online. We are well-versed in the art of selecting the finest fruits and vegetables from all over the globe and supplying them to our customers in a variety of convenient formats (online, in-store, and by delivery).

  • The absence of fruits and vegetables from the diet renders it insufficient as a means of maintaining good health. Because of the vital nutrients they provide, we are better able to ward off illness and stay healthy. Vegetables and fruits are great for your health and weight since they are low in calories while being high in beneficial nutrients. Because of their freshness, brightness, and aromatic qualities, they elevate even the most basic of dishes to the level of gourmet cuisine. Foods like juices, smoothies, salads, and sabjis are great for folks who are unwell or expecting a child.
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